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all about cars and their owners in Sydney Australia
Car Racing  In Sydney

In the early days of the motor industry there were a small number of drivers, manufacturers and designers who were eager to stretch the limits of the vehicles on race tracks and to compare the abilities of the cars from different builders. The results of these races spurred new generations of designs, vehicles and drivers, in particular as the cars became more powerful. Structural and handling aspects were severely tested and improvements in engines, braking, tyres, cooling, fuel efficiency, and more, emerged to provide a competitive edge over rivals.

Developing new vehicles and testing them under race conditions gave rise to the class of car we know as the sports car. Following World War II, we began to see a new breed of sports car as race-bred vehicles that were previously only accessible to enthusiasts with very deep pockets became more available. These also had great performance, superior road handling and more comfortable features, along with a price tag that was more affordable. Performance cars moved beyond the exclusive domain of the wealthy and reached a broader range of racing enthusiast.

There are presently many categories of motor car racing, including the very popular Formula I vehicles, which are custom made, single-seater vehicles designed for high speed performance that race at various locations throughout the world. Unfortunately, Formula I events in Australia are not currently held in Sydney.

Touring and production car racing also has a strong following and there are facilities for these events in or close to Sydney. A major track for motor racing in Sydney is located at Eastern Creek in Sydney's Western suburbs. The track for drag car racing is also at Eastern Creek. Another important track is located in Sydney's South West - Oran Park Raceway.  At Oran Park are 3 circuits for motor racing, 2 circuits on dirt, and 2 training venues for four-wheel drive. There is also a skid pan.
  The touring and production car races feature cars that have bee
n produced for normal on-road driving, although these may have permitted enhancements for speed and safety under race conditions.

There is a very popular annual event just outside Sydney, at Bathurst, for what is known as the V8Supercar. This has an entry restricted to teams and V8-powered vehicles from Ford and General Motors-Holden. The Bathurst 1000, as it is
called, attracts big-name sponsors and a large following from Sydney in October each year.

Rallying is also a  popular variation of motor racing. Rally racing is carried out with two main categories: the first group uses cars that may be registered for driving on public roads. The second group performs on public roads that have been closed to the public and also in areas that are off-road. The drivers in these races earn points for completing a number of stages within a given time. Australia has many rally clubs. For instance, the Classic Rally Club in Sydney will hold events on sealed roads which are open to the public. These are not races and involve recreational vehicles registered for road use that have at least two seats. The events test navigational skills as drivers attempt to follow the route instructions.

A few sites worth checking out for the car racing enthusiast:

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