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all about cars and their owners in Sydney Australia
Muscle Cars In Sydney

The muscle cars of Sydney owe more than a passing nod to John Delorean, who is also famous for his "back to the future" car with the winged doors.  In 1964, John was with Pontiac and it was his decision to redesign the Tempest and to outfit it with a huge, high performance V8 engine. This creation was known as the GTO, and was such a hit for Pontiac - and with succeeding generations of muscle car lovers - that other car manufacturers were forced to follow suit.

Not wanting to leave Pontiac with the leading edge in muscle cars, in 1965 Ford installed a V8 engine in their own creation, the Mustang. This high performance, low cost vehicle was enormously successful and was a great money spinner for the company, selling more than any other muscle car.

Though initially left at the starting gates, Chevrolet released their version in 1967 - the Camaro - a car which gave a new  face to Chevrolet and it has its followers even today.

These cars built a loyal following of rev heads throughout the world, not just in the U.S. The Australians were clamouring for a local car and the car giants of the day - Ford and General Motors-Holden (GM-H) - quickly responded with local versions of muscle cars - the Holden Monaro and the Ford Falcon GT.

In 1967, Ford released the first Australian built muscle car - the XR GT - and Australia entered the muscle car era of the 60s and 70s. Since then, there have been other releases from Ford, such as the Anniversary GTs of the 90s, as well as the B-series GT and GT-P. There is also a current range, the FG GT.

Enthusiasts formed the Falcon GT Club of Australia Inc in July, 1977
, and this has Australia-wide membership, with monthly meetings, car shows, cruises, family days, speakers, and more. They can be reached online at:


There are many who swivelled in the street to catch a glimpse of the Holden HK Monaro Coupe which was released in 1968. This was a spectacular new design direction that was influenced by trends in America and was based on the U.S. released Oldsmobile Toronado Coupe, which had appeared in 1966.

Fast forward to today and current versions, such as the V8 Series II Monaro have local market dominance. For a touch of irony, the Pontiac arm of General Motors plans to import 18,000 of the series II Monaros. These will be be modified to meet requirements in the U.S. and they will be sold there as the GTO!

As with the Falcon GT, the Holden Monaro has its own band of enthusiasts and these can be reached online at:


This directory provides information for enthusiasts of the Holden Monaro. It also has details concerning Holden Monaro Car Clubs throughout Australia, classified ads and various events.

Buying A Muscle Car In Sydney

Ford and GM-H are not the only players in the game. Others, such as the Japanese companies Toyota, Nissan and Subaru with its Impreza WRX, also have strong hands. As well, there are many local motor engineering companies that will carry out performance enhancing work on a variety of cars - creating chariots out of pumpkins!

To buy second hand muscle cars, there are classified ads in daily newspapers, auctions, car sales yards, and even Ebay. Searches can also be made online with databases, such as those at carsales.com.au, carpoint.com.au, drive.com.au, and autoweb.com.au.

When buying a second-hand muscle car, it's worth obtaining an inspection report if possible from an organization such as the NRMA. For a small fee, you may be able to get the entire accident history of any car that interests you.  It is wise to  suss out those cars which have had serious mechanical issues and to verify the information the seller provides.