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A Rally Cars In Sydney

Rally cars in Sydney race on different surfaces and courses to other motor sports. Whereas special venues have been created to provide tracks on specially designed circuits, rallies usually take place on public rods, both surface and unsurfaced. Thus, it is common to face gravel-surfaced and rough dirt roads, as well as hill and mountain climbs.

Another important difference from other major motor sports is that instead of head-to-head racing around a circuit, the rally cars compete only indirectly in a number of stages and are expected to complete timed stages in the shortest possible time. At the highest level is the World Rally Championship (WRD).

Also a major difference between the cars used in rally sports and those in other forms of professional motor sports is that the cars are very close to the specifications of normal production cars. They can be, and are, registered to drive on public roads when they are not competing.   The cars are naturally adapted to take account of the different conditions they will face, which can include gravel, mud and sand as well as snow and ice. Of course, those rallies taking place close to Sydney usually don't have to worry about icy conditions; however, at the higher levels of the sport, the cars will travel and must be prepared for terrain in wide-ranging conditions. Even so, the cars are not far removed from the normal street models.

Rallying as a sport got a special boost with the Monte Carlo Rally of 1911 and soon attracted a following, with many great races being held between major cities of Europe, with strong competitors from Germany, France, Britain, and Italy. There were even some longer races, as with New York to Paris and, in 1907, one that covered Peking to Paris!

The rally cars became especially popular after World War I with the great improvements in design and engineering that enabled better performance under the varied conditions  they were likely to face. For instance, syncro-mesh gears made gear changing so much
easier and anti-freeze enabled starts even with very cold temperatures. The addition of hydraulic braking, power steering, more powerful engines and better suspensions also greatly improved  speed and handling. In recent years, four-wheel drive capabilities, as with the Subaru Impreza, offered an advantage.

Modern rallies are held throughout the world, such as the Acropolis Rally and Rally of the 1000 Lakes in Finland. The World Rally Championship comprises sixteen races that are held world-wide, with drivers from many countries competing. Major car manufacturers also play an important role, as with Subaru, Citroen, and Peugeot especially. They base a lot of their advertising on the success of their vehicles in major rallies.

There are often opportunities for Sydney drivers to experience rallying closer to home at Narellan, on the Southern outskirts of Sydney, as well as at Oran Park, in Sydney's South West. Oran Park has extensive facilities for a variety of motor sports. This web site promotes a range of rallying activities that are available:


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