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all about cars and their owners in Sydney Australia
Vintage Cars In Sydney

Following World War I, the car manufacturers were able to return to consumer production and the concerns of their everyday customers. As a result, many important innovations appeared which greatly improved the driving experience. This included Anti-freeze which allowed the cars to be used year round; four-wheel braking systems, along with hydraulically activated brakes and power steering. The emergence of synchro-mesh gears also made driving easier and more enjoyable.

Cars were still being imported into Australia, although both Ford and General Motors had assembly plants here. There were no truly Australian-made cars - designed for driving under Australian conditions - until 1948 when the Holden FX appeared.

Hiring A Vintage Car

Weddings have strong traditional roots so it is understandable that the participants may want to reflect aspects of tradition in carrying the wedding party to and from the wedding service. Hence, a popular service of using vintage cars for this purpose has emerged. Many of these vehicles have the elegance and touch of luxury that enhances the day for the bride, groom and guests. As the vintage cars aren't as common as their more recent counterparts, a vintage wedding car can have a strong impact on all concerned.

The cost of hiring a vintage car in Sydney would usually be no greater than that of hiring an executive Mercedes-Benz or a Rolls Royce for the occasion. As the insurance for the vintage car is  often much less, there
may even be a cost advantage is\n choosing the older car over its modern equivalents. Many insurance policies allow for an inexpensive extension for special events, such as weddings.

However, cost also depends on the rarity of the vehicle, the engine size (and cost of petrol) as well as the amount of time the vehicle (and driver) is required and distance that is to be travelled.

Importantly, if you decide that a vintage car is your preference for the wedding day, be sure that it is appropriate for your needs! For instance, how many people will need to be carried? Check that there is plenty of room as, if it is too crowded, creased dresses and hot conditions can spoil what is meant to be a beautiful day.

Also be sure that the car is capable of performing as expected. Remember, these are old cars and, although usually well-maintained, you don't want a breakdown on the way to the ceremony. Also consider likely weather conditions: an open-top vehicle is a risk in the event of rain. A hard top  or a car with a hood is the safer option, .

A number of car hire companies in Sydney will supply cars with drivers for your special event. They can be easily located in the Yellow Pages telephone directory.

Vintage Car Clubs and Car Shows

There are vintage car clubs to be found in Sydney and in many country towns. The owners are proud of their vehicles and love to display them at the shows and picnic days that are organized by the clubs. There are also clubs which focus on particular car models, such as Rover, Austin, Ford, and Rolls Royce. For more information about events and clubs, the following groups may be able to help:


Contact: The Honorary Secretary     P O Box 3394      Manuka. NSW. 2603


Contact: Mr Warren Irish   Phone: (066) 766 124   134 Queens Rd

Fivedock NSW 2046

VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB  Contact: Mr Martin Fawbert  c/- 11 Kelvin Parade,  Picnic Point 2213