4WD Off-Road Driving in Australia

4WD Off Road Driving


Tips for 4 WD Off-Road Driving in Australia


Doing 4WD Off-Road driving or going 4-wheel driving should be a great hoot. A real lot of FUN, but If you have an accident or mishap it will spoil the fun real fast. This is a dangerous past time so, to maximize your enjoyment you should Be Prepared. Make sure you drive within your and your vehicle capabilities. Often a minor mishap can turn in to a major life-threatening incident simply by how you handle the situation.

Getting stuck in the mud is not too bad but misuse of a snatch rope could seriously cause injury or death. Out in the outback off-road, even a minor injury could be life-threatening due to a lack of medical services not being close by.
Operate within your own experience and capabilities.
You have a duty of care to your passengers.

4WD Off-road driving is fun but please BE CAREFUL


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