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Vintage Car

Although what is considered to be an antique car differs according to where you live. It is generally accepted that those cars which were built during the pioneering era of car manufacture are true antiques. This applies in particular to those that were built up to World War I.

Car manufacturing did not begin in Australia until 1948, although assembly from imported parts took place in the 1930s. Hence those cars from the early part of the century were all imported. In particular from Great Britain, Canada, and the United States.

Those cars from pre-WWI are extremely rare and are worth huge sums of money. During the war, car production was halted worldwide and the manufacturing facilities were used to make military vehicles. However, on occasion, antique cars become available for sale. They are advertised in newspapers, specialist magazines, on web portals and through the antique car clubs.

Antique Car Shows

These are popular with all kinds of people who enjoy seeing these wonderful old vehicles from a bygone era. They are held in local showgrounds and sometimes in large arenas and halls. Those that exist in Sydney in Darling Harbour and at Olympic Park, at Rosehill Racecourse or even at Eastern Creek Raceway.

Because of the scarcity of the very early cars in Australia, these shows usually also exhibit those vintage cars which were built between the wars.

Antique and vintage car shows offer not only the viewing public a chance to see some grand old vehicles that have been restored to their former glory. They are also opportunities for their proud owners to display – and decorate – the cars for these special days. People will often travel from other districts. And even from country towns to share the experience with their families and be part of the show.

Antique Car Insurance

Special conditions are usually applied to these older vehicles by the insurance companies. As it is very difficult to get replacement parts. And they may even need to be imported or specially manufactured. Restrictions are often imposed to limit the use of the vehicles and to keep wear and tear on the vehicles to a minimum. This has the added advantage of reducing the likelihood of an accident. And the costs that may arise in such an event.
Many insurance companies will also have provisions that relate to the storage of antique cars. So as to prevent storm damage and theft. They may also have requirements that limit or prevent overnight parking at hotels and in unattended parking lots. They may require the vehicles be enclosed in locked trailers when traveling.

As a result of these precautions, insurance claims are infrequent and insurance costs are relatively low. Theft is also uncommon as it is almost impossible to sell such easily identified vehicles.

Antique Car Clubs

There are a number of Antique Car Clubs in and close to Sydney. These are usually affiliated or have a connection with the Antique Auto Club of America This is the world’s largest club of its kind. A few local clubs which may be able to assist with further information about membership and events are:


Phone: (02) 9872 6363 Address: P O Box 143 Burwood. NSW 2134.

Mr. Eric Cunningham (046) 259487 (BH) P O Box 105N Campbelltown North. NSW. 2560


Phone: (047) 878 272 Address: P O Box 99 Leura. NSW 2780.


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