Buying a Car

Buying a car


Although there are many ways of buying a cheap car in Sydney, including the for sale ads in daily and local newspapers, specialist magazines that are sold at newsagents, and online databases, there are two solutions that stand out as being especially reliable that offer some frequent opportunities for a great buy.

The first of these is the sale of Government cars at auction. Particular advantages that attach to the purchases of a Government car include the availability of the car’s service history, the manufacturer’s warranty, and usually low kilometers. Remember that “Government” includes Federal, State, Local Council, Police services, Universities, and other educational bodies, and more.

Government departments sell family sedans, hatchbacks, station wagons, vans, and commercial vehicles. They also take great pride in properly maintaining their vehicles – and they have the records to prove it. Most of these vehicles would be only 2 – 3 years old with about 70,000 km usage. The brands include the majors – Holden, Ford, Honda, Subaru, and others. they are usually supplied with an independent certificate of mechanical inspection and are often still under manufacturer’s warranty.


Car Auctions

There are several auction houses in Sydney that handle a lot of Government cars. Pickles at their Belmore complex have sold more than 200 Government vehicles at their weekly auctions. More details can be obtained from their web site:

They dispose of cars for many clients, including the Australian Government, the Department of Defence and Sydney Water. There is also an auction site at Moorebank for the sale of Government vehicles. Further details can be obtained online here:


Buy from a Dealer

A second approach to buying a cheap car in Sydney that often provides a good deal is to visit a strip of car dealers where there is very strong competition. Some people may balk at the idea of buying from a dealer, thinking they can get a better deal from a private sale, but a location that has hundreds of dealers competing for your business keeps prices low and presentation high. As well, there is also more recourse in the event you are dissatisfied, such as the car dealer’s warranty, which is enforceable at law. Just try getting your money back from a private seller!

There are a number of car sales strips in Sydney, but the Big Daddy of them all is along Parramatta Rd from Summer Hill to Parramatta. This is a long stretch that runs for more than 12 kilometres and there are hundreds of dealers begging for your custom. Competition means the cars are clean and prices are low. However, don’t be afraid to haggle! The price listed is rarely fixed and they would rather sell for a small margin than not make the sale at all. So it helps to get acquainted with prices before you make a final choice.


A Few Important Considerations

1. Set your budget. Also, allow for insurance and any extra repairs.

2. Settle on the type of car you wish to buy and how well it will suit your lifestyle.

3. Check how much mileage is on the car. Car dealers have been known to manipulate the odometer to display a lesser number of miles.

4. Be sure to take the car on a test drive.

5. The engine should start immediately and not make any strange sounds. Also, pay attention to the steering and brakes.

6. Check the tyres to get an idea of how soon you’ll need to purchase new ones.

7. Any sort of rust is bad, especially if it’s where you would not expect to find it, such as under the car or on the wheels.


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