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There are many car clubs in and close to Sydney. And these offer men, women, and families a chance to meet others who own and enjoy the same type of car or event. Mostly these clubs target a particular type of car or truck. Like the Rover, Austin-Healey, Holden Monaro, Subaru, Toyota Corolla, or Ford Falcon GT. There are also clubs for a class of car, such as sports cars or rally cars. It may be that you simply dream of owning a particular car and wish to meet others who share this interest.

Usually, car clubs are non-profit entities run for and by the members themselves. The office-holders are likely to be volunteers. They have a strong attachment to their type of car and are experienced in driving and maintaining it. These clubs attract enthusiasts also because of the useful information and other publications they provide. With contributions from many members, it’s possible to have access to rare old photos. Also, get messages from other members, and obtain advice on servicing and parts. Locate items and vehicles, and find historical material that is of interest to the members.

Clubs are not just for owners of souped-up monster cars

It’s a mistake to believe that these clubs are only for owners of ‘souped-up’ monsters. While it is true that there are clubs available for a wide range of interests and personalities. Most of these clubs tend to appeal to generations that have moved beyond the flashy, tricked-up vehicles. And they have the time and desire to meet others who might share their interest.

Some car clubs may have a restriction on the age of a car – for instance, if it is too young. However, once accepted, you’ll find that membership benefits usually include a monthly newsletter. It contains information about coming events, products, accessories, and cars for sale. They may also have some fun gear that relates to your particular brand of car, such as hats, t-shirts, key-rings, water bottles, and drinking mugs. There is often a club discount available to members. If there is an online forum for the club, it is also possible to get information and advice about your car even if the members are widely scattered. If you are looking to buy a car, clubs can also help you obtain a good deal.

Here are a couple of typical examples:

There is no shortage of Classic Car Clubs in or close to Sydney. A quick search online will quickly reveal many possibilities. Although a number may not be organised online and require a little searching through directories for a broader range of clubs. they do tend to have regular ‘meet and greet’ type events where you get a chance to meet other members in person.

Rally Car Clubs
If you enjoy watching cars that participate in rally driving and would like to know more about the sport, there are a number of clubs in Sydney that organise and take part in rallies. The members are usually happy to help you get started. And they will assist with advice on what is needed to take part in their events. A rally may not be a race but does require good navigational skills if you hope to do well.


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