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Roadside assistance


We have all been there, where the need for roadside assistance would come in handy. For some of us, it is only once in our lifetime, and others would be wondering what they ever did to have such bad luck. Moreover, whether it is for a flat battery, a flat tire, being locked out of the car, or heaven forbid you to have an empty tank. Roadside Assistance can help when these things go wrong. With the most prominent attraction being the coverage of towing services.


Furthermore, when looking at the state motoring clubs that have been in the industry for years, you need to be aware of what you need. The internet is an excellent tool for finding the best coverage for you and your circumstances.NRMA boasts 2.4 million members, offering roadside assistance to customers living in NSW and ACT.

Classic Car Care

With Classic Car Care for vehicles up to 2.5t GVM and includes 20km towing in metro areas. Cover includes unlimited call outs, flat batteries, flat tires, towing, locked out, empty tanks, and free advice with car maintenance. Premium Care for vehicles up to 3.5t GVM, includes 50km towing in metro areas and 100 km in remote areas. With extras such as accident assistance for accommodation and Premium Plus for vehicles and trailers up to 10t GVM, includes 50km towing in metro areas and 100km in remote areas.


RACV boasts a membership of over 1.5 million Victorians.


With three main packages, RACV offers unlimited service calls and free fuel if you run out in all of their packages. Roadside Care offers 20km metro towing and up to $200 in locksmith services. Extra Care provides caravan and trailer assistance. Total Care covers any vehicle you’re driving, metro and regional towing to 100km, bike assist, and wheelchair and scooter assist.


As you can see by the above highlights, each level offers something different. And there is something in addition to knowing what you require before searching for your ideal package. Happy searching.


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