Duck Creek Road 4×4 Track


Duck Creek

Duck Creek Rd is a well-maintained off-road track that is only accessible by 4wd. At the entrance, you will get a donation box to help keep up the maintenance of this wonderful track. Duck Creek is located in close proximity to both Brisbane & the Gold Coast. This picturesque track is ideal for any 4wd camper as it drives through the Lamington National Park rainforest.

This road quickly turns from hard clay to soft mud due to the presence of the rainforest. Winter months are relatively safer as the track won’t change much at that time. However, the track becomes impassable to vehicles other than 4wds after heavy rainfall due to huge ruts and landslides.

What to expect?

Duck Creek is a scenic off-road track that winds up to the mountain range until meeting the bitumen surface onto O’Reilly’s tourist center at the top. While making progress with the 4wd you will find many camping areas. Besides, there are quite a few picnic spots along Duck Creek as you make your journey to the top.

One major camping site is situated in the Lamington National Park rainforest. In the camping site, you will get detailed maps for bushwalking. A restaurant with an awesome view is located at the top where accommodation facilities are quite decent.

In the south of Brisbane, Duck Creek offers the ultimate thrill of 4wding. There are virtually countless of places to stop, take photos and gather experiences that you can treasure a lifetime.


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