Food Rest & Exercise are Essential to Have

,Food Rest and Exercise

Food Rest and Exercise

When planning your trip, do your research online regarding where there are roadside stops along the way. Ones with toilets are always a great idea, and you find these by researching on the web or downloading an app onto your phone. We will talk about food, rest and exercise.

When picking places to stay overnight, don’t stretch yourself too far in one day. Sometimes it is better to arrive early and get a pleasant afternoon and nights rest before traveling on the next day, instead of later in the night and missing out on some relaxation time.

Snack Packs are always great to pack for a long trip: mix nuts, dried fruits, sunflower seeds, and popcorn. Separate into snack clip seal bags. Muesli Bars are another great snack to pack.

When taking a break from driving, try to stand rather than sitting, stretch your legs by walking around. Try doing some star jumps to get your blood pumping and increase your circulation.

Pack a cooler bag if you don’t have room for an esky. A cooler bag is great for your water if you freeze it the night before your travel. Most hotel rooms have a mini-fridge so each night you can freeze your water for the following day. These can also act as ice bricks so you can make fresh sandwiches each morning to save on your fast food menu during your trip.

So pack some healthy snacks for your trip and a squeeze in a little exercise in between. Remember food, rest and exercise are very important.


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