How important is the High Lift Jack for 4WD?

High Lift Jack


High Lift Jacks, sometimes known as Kangaroo jack or Wallaby jack are very important for your 4WD. They are used for jacking up the car off-road and worked as a winch.

When you are 4wding, it is quite safe to assume that the ground is uneven. On a ground like that, standard jack is simply useless. By virtue of a high lift jack, you will be able to lift the car without further damage off a rock or stump on which you are caught on. Also, when your 4WD is bogged this jack enables you to get the car high enough to put something under the wheel to help get you out. High-lift-jack is something like an electric 12,000lbs winch and you need to readjust it every now and then. But, when all else fails high-lift-jack, it is better than anything.

With manufacturers changing the 4WD design, you must be wondering about the mounting point for the high lift jack. Well, here is the solution. There are quite a few attachments onto the wheels and steel bulbar where you can actually attach the high-lift-jack. In Australia, you will get a good high lift jack for less than 200 dollars.


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