It’s easy to get into bad driving habits



It’s easy to get into bad driving habits. However, what you may not realize is these habits may not just place you and others in danger. But bad driving habits are also against the law. Reacquaint yourself to these simple safe driving habits that you should be following when behind the wheel.


Safe Driving Habits

  • Fit and adjust your seat belt and head restraint. According to the Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety in Queensland, you’re ten times more likely to be killed in a road crash if you’re not wearing a seat belt.
  • Be sure to check your passengers are safely seated, in most states and territories, it is the driver’s responsibility for any passenger under 16-year-old to be restrained at all times while the car is moving.
  • Come to a complete stop at stop signs.
  • You must stop at an amber traffic light unless it is unsafe to do so. Remember if a camera catches you going through the intersection as the light is turning red, you will cop a fine. As you approach traffic lights, always check your mirror to see if there is a vehicle close behind, so you will know if it will be safe to stop suddenly.
  • Mobile phones can be distracting, so turn them off to focus on driving- no call is that important. If you need to take your eyes off the road then either pull over or wait until you stop. For learner drivers, it is illegal to use any mobile phone function while driving. The mobile phone ban includes using hands-free mode including Bluetooth, loudspeaker, GPS, or text messaging.


Last but not least, keeping to the speed limit as a safe driving habit will not only reduce the risk of an accident but also help you avoid expensive traffic fines and avoid losing your license. Make it your duty to avoid bad driving habits.

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