4WD Tyres: Learn to run yours longer


Tyres used for Off-Road driving are categorized into three groups. They are Highway Terrain, All-Terrain and Mud terrain.

You have the freedom to decide the tyre type depending on where you want to drive it. However, choosing and fitting the correct tyres to your 4×4 is critical for a longer duration.

Find a few simple tips below that make sure your 4wd tyres will last longer.

First of all, you need to pick the right tyre for your workhorse depending on the road you will mostly encounter. For instance, fitting a set of MT tyres on your 4wd won’t work if you spend your time cruising highways. On the flip side, mud terrain tyres suffer when used heavily on bitumen.
Four corners of your car treat tyres differently. More specifically, front left tyre of your vehicle will round more off its shoulder—front to rear & side to side than its right counterpart. So, it’s a prudent choice to rotate your tyres after every 5000km.


Check your Tyre Pressure

Include checking the tyre pressure in your morning routine just like you check oil and fluids. Run the correct pressure as recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer. Low tyre pressure creates blowouts because tyres become overheated rapidly.

Precise wheel alignments bring benefits to tyre life. A wheel alignment to adjust camber and caster is essential to the off-road operation of your vehicle. Many 4x4s will need a wheel alignments after off-road driving. Wheel alignment to camber and caster is adjusted due to the off-road operation. Check the wheel alignments regularly to keep your tyres in good condition.

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