Off-Road Driving Australia: A Beginner’s Guide

Off Road Driving


Off-Road Driving Australia: A Beginner’s Guide

Australia is blessed with some of the finest off-road locations in the world. From Francois Peron National Park in Western Australia to Coffin Bay in South Australia, and Hail Creek Tailings in Queensland to name but a few. Oz is a paradise for off-road enthusiasts and off-road driving. Perhaps you own a 4×4 but have never truly put it through its paces. It’s understandable! Many people are not sure how to get started on their first off-road adventure. Lucky for you we’ve prepared this handy guide to help you get started.

1. Research locations

The three locations mentioned above are just a few examples of the many places you can take your 4×4 in our huge country. Your local area will undoubtedly have options as well, but it’s important to note the big difference in difficulty and suitability of locations for beginners. Have a look online to see what places are available, and which are the best-suited to off-road novices.


2. Get the details on your vehicle

While looking at locations, you’ll also need to see which of them suits the specific features of your 4×4. For instance, if you have a very modern and customizable traction control system, then that was a vehicle designed for challenging and diverse off-road landscapes. If it’s a simple on-off setting, then you might be better sticking to safer areas. Other things to look at include whether or not you have 4WD at different speed settings and wheel locking differentials. Knowing what you have will help you pick the right location.


3. Get the right tires

Will your chosen location require you to get special tires for your vehicle? If you’re using general-purpose all-season tires then you will likely need to look at something designed for better traction in the rugged terrain. Different tires match different types of surfaces, so you have to do your homework and ensure you have the right ones.


4. Is there water? Get a snorkel!

If the front of your 4×4 is going to dip into deep water, then you’ll need to equip it with a snorkel. This device draws air from near the roof and helps stop your engine from taking in water. Just a few pumps of a cylinder filled with water will do a real number on your engine, so take care if there’s water afoot!


5. Be ready for anything

You’ll need an emergency pack — first-aid kit, fire extinguisher, a change of clothes, blankets, spare food and water, seat-belt cutter, glass breaker, etc. — in case you run into any trouble and find yourself stranded. Respect Murphy’s law (what can go wrong will go wrong) and be ready for every worst-case scenario.
Off-roading is fun, but it can’t be taken lightly. Learn everything you can and don’t take any unnecessary risks! Stay safe off the road!

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