Preparing your Vehicle for a Long Trip

Preparing your Car for a long distance drive

Preparation is vital, it is not until we take the car on a long drive when we begin to notice things that don’t sound right. Using the below list can save you thousands of dollars. Not to mention saving you the embarrassment of having to listen to seasoned travellers, tow truck drivers or mechanics saying, “Didn’t you check that before you left?”

Check your tyres – and don’t forget the spare. Make sure you have the tools to change a tyre should you need to. Nothing worse than having a spare tyre, but forgot to check if the jack, wheel lock key, or lug nut wrench was in the car. Check the tread and the tyre pressure.

Of course, it may sound like a no brainer but check your engine oil, make sure your washer reservoirs are full and check your coolant. Sometimes the simple things are forgotten because there is just so much to do. As well as checking the washer bottle check your windscreen wiper’s,clear vision is essential for safe driving and a dirty windscreen will cause stress and make you tired. If in doubt fit a set of new Wipertech windscreen wipers

Check your brake fluid Inspect the drive belts and replace them if in doubt – or at least take some spares with you.

Make sure your brake lights, indicators and headlights are working. Have someone outside the car to see and report they are all operating.

Look at your battery & the terminals for any leaks, cracks, loose fittings or corrosion. A little baking soda and water will clean up the terminals.

Make Sure You are Comfortable

Make sure you are going to be comfortable sometimes we are so busy ensuring that everyone else is comfortable for the trip we forget about our seat. There are some great aids available to assist comfort for that long trip. Items such as cooling seat covers, gel cushions, back support or even swivel cushions for ease getting in and out of the car, these all aid in making the drive more pleasurable.

Check your car insurance to see what is covered and take your policy with you. If you have a membership to roadside assistance, ensure you have your membership number and contact details should you require them. Research to see if they cover the state that you are travelling.

Check your rego and license are current.

Make yourself a car care package – if you have a limit on space, create a kit of smaller quantities and pack them in a container that could double up as a water container. Include items such as the following; 1-litre bottle of oil, a 1-litre bag of transmission fluid (yes, they do come in squeezable pouches now), Fire blanket, Mini Jump Starter, Set of rubber refills for your wipers, Windscreen saver patches, a small bottle of washer fluid and your

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