Roadside Assistance is becoming cheaper

Roadside Assistance


Roadside Assistance is becoming cheaper thanks to more entrants into the market. Supermarkets, car manufacturers and insurance companies are driving down the cost.

New car owners can get Roadside Assistance through the dealership, and all are, of course, different. Some manufacturers use the state motoring clubs and include the cover in the cost of services at their dealerships. Other manufacturers offer it as a bundle with an extended warranty. And others are selling it as an optional add-on.

Insurance Companies and Roadside Assistance

Insurance companies have the option of adding Roadside Assistance to your car insurance as an optional extra. With others offering it as a stand-alone product without having to purchase a car insurance policy first.

Supermarket chains have entered into the market, offering both car insurance with roadside assistance as an optional extra.

With so many packages on offer, there is an absolute smorgasbord of coverage, ultimately allowing you to pick and choose what you require. However, be sure to do your homework and look at the terms and conditions of each cover.

The wording around things such as who pays for petrol, some plans offer several liters of fuel for free. While others will make you pay for it on the spot. Be aware that some packages have a clause in regard to not covering a problem that existed before you signed up. And hit you with an additional callout fee after being discovered. Towing limits is another to watch out for.

As some can take into account the tow truck trip out and back as part of the accumulated km used. Finally, be mindful that “we will arrange” is not the same as saying that the cover will pay for the arranged service.`

So now you know more about Roadside Assistance, jump online and start researching, get the best coverage for you and enjoy your drive knowing that you don’t need to worry should you break down.

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