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During the last 35 years that I have been in Sydney, there has been a transition in the type of car that people use and the difference is huge. When I first arrived in Australia in 1973 I owned and operated some service stations in the Sydney Eastern suburbs 1 in Edgecliff. And another in the infamous Kings Cross.

I quickly learned some of the then local expressions. Like people who lived in the eastern suburbs would say “well you either live on the other side of the bridge or you don’t. Meaning they would not be caught dead living on the North Shore the other side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


North Shore Holden 

Another was the description of a car which also referred to the other side of the bridge. ” A North Shore Holden” Holden then being the most popular Australian made a car but a North Shore Holden was in fact at that time a Volvo.

This was because every second (or it seemed that way) car on the North Shore was, in fact, a Volvo. And this came about because people had a misguided belief (brainwashed by the advertising). That Volvo was the safest car on the road and they decided not to have car insurance. The problem was that whilst the car was reasonably safe but IMHO a pig to drive. Most Volvo drivers ignored the road rules and took big chances of driving. Because they were immune from accidents or injury in the safest car on the road.




Over the years the actual car described as a North Shore Holden has changed and for a long time. It was a Toyota Tarago because it became a car of choice for families. Those who were shipping their children around from school to scouts. And then to soccer and swimming and so on. To split, the duties parents have larger vehicles 7 seaters. So as to cut down the duties so one parent can take the kids from 3 families achieving a better duty roster.

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