Prepare you for Travelling: Driver and Passengers

Prepare for travelling

Preparing the Driver and passengers (What to Take with you tools, food, water, first aid)

This blog post will help you prepare for traveling. You need to take many items when travelling and making a checklist is an excellent idea before you leave, and then revising it when you return adding to it things you wished you would have taken and crossed off those things that you didn’t need. It will make it easier for the next road trip.

I have tried to include things that you may not have thought of without listing the obvious items such as clothing, toiletries, your partner or even the kids.


Things to Pack

Pack a paper towel roll, this helps with any spills along the way, cleaning the windows, or for checking the oil.

A First Aid Kit – of course, this should include the standard arm sling, bandages, tweezers, scissors, and thermal blanket. Make sure however that it also has a first aid booklet, Dettol, Panadol, and some electrolyte powder.

A torch, preferably with new batteries, I like to use a camping headlamp which helps if my hands are under the bonnet of the car.

Bottles of water – unless you want to pay a whopping $3 for 650ml at the servo.


Hand sanitizer

A spare key for your travelling partner to carry with them. Always handy should you accidentally lock your keys in the car or lose them somewhere.

A car charging chord for your Mobile Phone

If you are travelling with kids, grab an extra set of headphones for the devices they are bringing with them. Murphy’s law often brings with it headphones that are no longer working. The continual noise of an electronic device in the background as you are trying to drive is excruciating.

If you are travelling with kids, take them to the local library to get an audiobook that you can all listen to on the trip, or get them to pick out a podcast or two, perhaps even a book that they can read along the way.


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