There are many types of Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance for Car Owners

Becoming stuck out on the road somewhere with a car that won’t start. An overheating vehicle or a flat tire is the worst nightmare of many people. Especially if you have little mechanical knowledge. A membership with a roadside assistance service can provide the peace of mind. You will never have to worry about being stranded or having to spend hundreds of dollars on a tow truck in an emergency.

The Importance of having Roadside assistance

What is the importance of having roadside assistance available to you? Consider these:

– Help with tire or battery changing
– May offer accommodation if your car is out of action
– Towing to get you out of an emergency situation
– Won’t leave you stranded on the side of the road in a dangerous situation
– 24/7 callouts mean you can be rescued at any time of day or night
– Cheaper than paying full cost for a tow truck


Choose your provider

Once you decide that you want to sign up for roadside assistance, choosing the provider with the right terms and conditions for lifestyle is important. Most states will have a main provider of a service like this such as the NRMA in NSW and RACQ in Queensland. But these won’t be your only options, with many insurance companies now offering their own services. Often these can be added to your car insurance policy for an extra fee which may give you a discount, or purchased separately even if you are not insured through that particular company.

Well known providers

Some of the well-known roadside assistance providers are the NRMA in NSW which starts at $9.99 a month for basic cover but more expensive plans if you want extras like accommodation, extra towing distance and even pet assistance.

RACQ in QLD offers 24/7 callouts starting at $99 per year and they claim an average of under 35 minutes to reach a caller. The RAA in South Australia starts at $103 annually for 24/7 road service including metro area towing. Additional services like accommodation and car hire will cost you extra. The highest coverage is $292 yearly for the RACQ Ultimate package. And gives you up to 200km of towing and a three-day rental vehicle plus up to $2,400 in accommodation costs per incident. Full coverage plans such as this suit those who are on the road very often and travel long distances or in remote areas.

In Victoria, the RACV is the main provider of roadside assistance which starts at $10 monthly for basic service or $255 annually for the best package which includes 100km of towing.

In WA the RAC is the largest roadside assistance network in the state which starts at under $10 monthly and rises to $315 annually for full coverage for long-distance and country drivers who can receive 200km of towing.

Insurance companies offering roadside assistance

Insurance companies offering roadside assistance include GIO, APIA, Suncorp, AAMI, and Youi. Some companies like Youi will include coverage in an insurance plan for no extra cost. Others may require an extra payment. NRMA roadside assists start at $9.99 monthly.  Suncorp offers a basic service including a flat tire, battery and emergency fuel for under $95 per year. Negotiating your insurance policy with your chosen provider can be an affordable way to include roadside assistance in your policy.

Additionally, many carmakers now have their own roadside assistance for customers. This includes Toyota Roadside Assist, Mazda, Nissan, and Kia. They all offer 12 months of complimentary roadside assist with all new car purchases.

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